Rules Of Roleplay

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Rules Of Roleplay

Post by cyberdragon725 on Fri May 06, 2016 12:10 pm

General Website Rules:
    ~Please keep language to a minimum
    ~No bullying! This is a serious issue in today's society and will not be accepted period.
    ~Be kind and considerate to other roleplayers. They are people too.

Rules for Roleplaying:
    ~No explicit scenes. When mating, birthing, etc. please fade to black.
    ~Violence is allowed but make sure that you keep detail as basic as possible.
    ~Please don't double post. It takes up a bit too much space and I'd like to keep boards clean.
    ~No power playing. This rps for everyone
    ~Do not date, crush, or mate your own characters

I reserve the right to edit these rules as the need arises.

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